The TPP software tools team attended, presented, and lead an evening workshop at the ASMS Conference.

You can find more information on this page or reach out if you have any questions.

Hope to see you at the next conference!


We conducted an evening Workshop on Monday June 6th at 5:45pm in room M100 BC.

We gave a brief intro to the existing TPP tools and then encouraged discussion about them and about future directions for the TPP.

Topic leads for discussion were: cluster deployment, running and analyzing open-search engine results with Magnum and PTMProphet, use of entrapment databases to benchmark validation workflows, and deploying the TPP using Docker containers & cloud computing platforms.

Thank you to those who came to learn about TPP and be part of the discussion about its future.

You can find the workshop slides here.

 Poster #1 :: MP 271

Incorporating digestion efficiency analysis to improve shotgun proteomics analytical pipelines

Michael Hoopmann

Reprint (pdf)
 Poster #2 :: TP 437

PTMProphet + Magnum: Localization of Open-Mass Search Adducts and Mass Differences in Search Engine Results

David Shteynberg

Reprint (pdf)
 Use TPP in Your Work?

Please let us know if you have a poster or oral presentation of research that makes use of the TPP at ASMS!