The TPP software tools team hosted a booth (#118) at the ASMS Conference; we were listed as Institute for Systems Biology on the program.

We also had information on the recent TPP 5.2 release, as well as on our next courses in Southampton UK (BSPR Annual Meeting), Seattle USA (Cascadia Symposium), and Adelaide Australia (HUPO Congress).


We conducted an evening Workshop on Tuesday June 4th at 5:45pm in room A304.

We gave a brief intro to the existing TPP tools and then encouraged discussion about them and about future directions for the TPP.

Topic leads for discussion were: proteogenomics & PEFF applications, analyzing PTMs with PTMProphet, cross-linking analysis with Kojak 2.0, and deploying the TPP using Docker containers & cloud computing platforms.

Thank you to those who came to learn about TPP and be part of the discussion about its future.

You can find the workshop slides here.

 Poster #1 :: MP 044

Kojak 2.0: New features for the analysis of cross-linked proteins

Michael Hoopmann

Reprint (pdf)
 Poster #2 :: MP 417

End-to-End Integration of Known Variants and Modifications from PEFF into the Trans-Proteomic Pipeline for enriched MS/MS sequence determination

Luis Mendoza

Reprint (pdf)
 Poster #3 :: WP 400

Computing Information Content of PTM Site Localization Assignments Using PTMProphet

David Shteynberg

Reprint (pdf)

 Related Poster #1 :: MP 439

Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI) Universal Spectrum Identifier (USI)

Eric Deutsch

Reprint (pdf)
 Related Poster #2 :: MP 438

Proteomics Standards Initiative Extended FASTA Format (PEFF)

Pierre-Alain Binz

Reprint (pdf)
 Use TPP in Your Work?

Please let us know if you have a poster or oral presentation of research that makes use of the TPP at ASMS!