The TPP software tools team gave several presentations at ASMS in Houston. Please read the various boxes on this page for more details.

We spent extended time at the Bioinformatics Hub, including participating in a session on open science practices on Tuesday 6 June, 10:30 - 12:30.

Do you use TPP in your work?
Please let us know if you have a poster or oral presentation of research that makes use of the TPP at ASMS!


We conducted an evening Workshop on Tuesday June 6th at 5:45pm in room 351CF.

The workshop began with a brief overview of TPP and its newest features and capabilities. We then focused on individual topics, fostering a discussion with workshop participants on the current strengths, weaknesses, and future directions for TPP. The workshop enabled participants to describe their challenges in proteomic data analysis and help drive directions in software approaches through needs of the community.

Topic leads for discussion were: mining for rare PTMs in your data, cleavable crosslinker data analysis with Ving, and overview of the Cloud and cluster enabled TPP.

 Poster #1 :: MP 376

How Well Did You Capture that Ion? Find Out with PeptidePrisoner!

Luis Mendoza

Reprint (pdf)
 Poster #2 :: TP 174

Ving: A New Tool in the Trans-Proteomic Pipeline for XL-MS Using Cleavable Cross-Linking Reagents

Michael Hoopmann

 Poster #3 :: ThP 610

Modification Specific Modeling in PeptideProphet Improves Validation of Rare PTM Containing Peptides in Complex Samples

David Shteynberg

Reprint (pdf)

 Related Poster #1 :: TP 390

Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI) proposed peak annotation format (mzPAF) and spectral library format (mzSpecLib) standards

Henry Lam

 Related Poster #2 :: MP 697

Borrelia PeptideAtlas: A proteome resource for the Lyme disease community

Helisa Wippel

Reprint (pdf)
 Related Poster #3 :: WP 133

Achieving robust quantitative analysis of proteomes using Vacuum insulated probe heated electrospray ionization (VIP-HESI) coupled with microflow chromatography and timsTOF-Mass-Spectrometer

Mukul Midha

Reprint (pdf)